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From the moment you call or walk in the door, your care is our top priority. Our staff will ensure that you are well informed and cared for in a kind and courteous manner while visiting our clinic. We understand that a lot of patients are referred to us after discovering they are claustrophobic in a closed MRI. At AMI, we feature a High Field Open MRI that is spacious and comfortable. For severely claustrophobic patients, we work with STAT Anesthesia to provide general anesthesia during an exam.

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Closed System MRI

Do I need an order to be seen?

Yes, a signed order from your physician stating what exam(s) they are requesting is required.

Will my insurance cover me going to Advanced Medical Imaging?

We are in-network with most major insurance companies. As a courtesy to our patients, we provide on-site insurance verifications, benefits, and authorizations. However, if we are out of network with your insurance or you have no insurance coverage, we are willing to work with you.

My insurance is out of network, or I have no insurance?

AMI offers affordable discounts and self-pay rates to all patients. If you have insurance but select to opt-out of utilizing it, you can still take advantage of these discounts. Our self-pay rates are as follows: $300 for CT and $450 for MRI. This is inclusive of all that your exam will entail. There are no "surprise" bills with an extra facility or provider charges.

What type of preparation is there before my appointment?

Most exams require very minimal preparation. We will go over a detailed health history prior to all exams and will inform you of any prep instructions as needed. We ask that all patients dress comfortably. Please refrain from wearing a lot of jewelry, metal, belts, and clothing with metallic graphics, etc. We provide a secure place for your personal belongings to be kept during your exam. Changing rooms and appropriate attire are provided if necessary.

How soon will my doctor get the results?

We understand the importance of providing timely results for our patients. Unless your physician has requested to receive them sooner, results are sent to your physician within 24 hours of your exam.

Will my doctor need to see the images from my exam?

Following your appointment, we will provide you with a complimentary CD of your images. If your physician has stated that they would like to view the images, bring this with you for your follow up appointment. If your physician does not request images, then it is for you to keep for your personal medical record.

I have a question about a bill?

Contact our billing department at (262) 764-3426.

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