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It is our mission to make sure that every single exam is completed with the highest of standards.  It is important to us that we work closely with all of our referring doctors to make sure adequate imaging is performed, and that satisfactory diagnostic results are delivered.

Please notify us if you require STAT results, or if there are any specific instructions regarding your patients' care with us.

Any patient that falls under the safety guidelines for studies involving contrast will require a creatinine value within six weeks of their appointment date.  This is a service we offer on-site for patients, and results are available within minutes.

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Patient images are available for viewing immediately following the completion of their exam. A report, unless requested sooner, will be available within 24 hours of the exam.

To view patient images, please visit our webserver

If you have not been set up with a login/password for our webserver, please contact our office (262) 554-9787 or email us.

Our High Field Open MRI

Our MRI produces a field strength comparable to 1.3-1.5T imaging, which is normally seen in a closed MRI.  We are partnered with Metis MD™ to provide your patients with high-quality diagnostic interpretation and interventional services.

We take pride in our Radsite™ accredited MRI that uses Hitachi™ Vertical Field with Optimized Sub-System Integration (VOSI™) Technology.

High Field Open MRI

Our High Field Open MRI

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